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President's message

I am humbled, honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the Egyptian Society of Genitourinary Radiology (ESGUR). I am deeply grateful to the founder of tihis new society, Prof. Haytham Shebl, for his leadership and outstanding contributions to make this society possible. I am also inspired by the members of the Executive Committee and Board by their commitment. I look forward to helping this important work towards fulfilling the mission of the ESGUR.


I am proud to be given this wonderful opportunity, and I will do my best to lead the ESGUR  in its position as a global authority in genitourinary radiology. I see a true need to accelerate the pace of our work because of the escalating prevalence and complexity of genitourinary diseases. 

By increasing expertise, we increase capacity to meet the challenge of this radiology field, and increased capacity leads to better care while also ensuring the future of the specialty. Increasing expertise includes better training of existing practitioners and recruiting new people into the specialty and training them well. There is a global knowledge gap that needs to be bridged, and knowledge is the core of better care. In many areas of the world knowledge, training, and service provision are still greatly needed. Genitourinary Radiologists in most parts of the world are not in sufficient numbers to meet the needs of the patient load. ESGUR is positioned to continue to address these training, education, outreach, and advocacy needs in collaboration with its member societies and partners around the world.


Dear colleagues and friends around the world: Let us reflect on our shared responsibilities to our patients, and together let us fulfill this dream.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Tarek El Diasty

President of ESGUR

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Prof. Tarek El Diasty
President of ESGUR
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