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Meet The Board


Prof. Tarek El Diasty

Tarek El-Diasty, M.D., FRCR (Hon.), has been a respected educator and leader among international urogenital radiologists. Currently an emeritus professor of radiology at the radiology department of urology and nephrology center, university of Mansoura, Egypt. He has served as president of the Egyptian radiological society, board member of the executive committee of the International Society of Radiology, president of the African society of radiology, Editor-in-Chief of the Egyptian Journal of Radiology, Senior editor (GU section) of the British Journal of Radiology, and chair of Promotion Committee for professors and associate professors in Radiology and Medical imaging, Supreme Council of Universities - Egypt, 2019-2022.
Born in Egypt in 1955, got his medical degree from Mansoura Faculty of Medicine in 1979, master’s degree in 1986 and doctorate in 1990. Ever since starting his career in radiology, 40 years ago, Dr. El-Diasty has been committed to establishing the first full-time and totally digital radiology department in the country and introducing uro-interventional procedures to Egypt. He has been a principle investigator on numerous researches, reflected in more than 130 peer-reviewed papers, 17 book chapters and 105 abstracts with 4184 citations and 41 H-index (Tarek A. El-Diasty, Google Scholar). He has made a significant impact on the direction of radiology research in Egypt. 
Being an internationally recognized expert and lecturer, he has received several awards, the most distinguished ones are State of Merit Prize in medical sciences, Egypt (2019) and the Honorary Memberships of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) in 2013, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in 2019, the British Society of Emergency Radiology (BSER) in 2019, and the European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR) in 2021, as well as the Honorary FRCR from the RCR in 2022.

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A. Prof. Nadine Barsoum

Nadine Barsoum, M.D., is an assistant professor of radiology at the Kasr El Aini Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University in Egypt. She had her MD in 2005 from Egypt. She specialized in GU imaging since then. 

She has a 20 year experience in GU radiology both in the private and public sectors. She has published a lot of articles and supervised a lot of research related to this subject. She is the head of the Radiology Department in the Cairo Kidney Center.

She has special talent in designs and in IT work which she uses as her hobby, and also utilizes it in her Radiology work.

She is a reviewer in several Radiology Journals such as the British Journal of Radiology, the Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Acta Radiologica and others. She has co-Authored a chapter about renal transplantation in the Radiology book “Imagerie de l’appareil genitor-urinaire” with the chapter title “Pathologie acuise non tumorale de la voie excetrice superieure”

She has special expertise in conference organization and has been the moderator of more than 30 radiology conferences. 

She has been teaching students, both under and post graduates in Kasr El Aini hospitals in the field of GU imaging. 

She has been awarded several times for the best lecture, for aiding in the development of the digital library in Faculty of Medicine.

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Board Member
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Prof. Mohamed Abou El Ghar

Mohamed Abou El-Ghar M.Sc., M.D. Professor and Chief, Diagnostic Imaging unit, Urology & Nephrology Center, Mansoura University, Egypt. Dr. Abou El-Ghar has bout Thirty years of experience in the fields of Uroradiology including about fifteen years experiences in bioimaging modeling and computer-assisted diagnostic systems research. His work has been reported at several prestigious international conferences (e.g., RSNA, ECR, MICCAI, etc.) and prestigious journals

Dr. Abou El-Ghar has authored or coauthored more than 150 peer reviewed and conference articles, also he have more than 20 book chapters for his name. He has, to date, supervised 20 postgraduate medical students in the field of radiodiagnosis.

He is a member in many national and international societies (e.g., RSNA, ESUR, ECR, etc.), he also reviewer in many prestigious journals (e.g., BJR, Sensors, etc.) and section editor in EJRNM.

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Board Member
Ahmed Hafez.jpg

Prof. Ahmed Hafez

Ahmed Hafez, M.D., Professor Radiodiagnosis and interventional department – Faculty of Medicine –Alexandria University. Recently head of uro-radiology unit

Subspeciality: Body imaging including Gastro-intestinal tract, Urinary tract and gynecological imaging sp. Oncology

Graduated in November 1996

Master degree thesis:  title: Role of CT, US and Color Doppler in evaluation of salivary glands swellings …attained  11/2002

Doctor MD degree thesis:  title: Role of interventional radiology in management of ureteric lesions (PCN-percutaneous ureteric stenting).   attained 11/2007

European Diploma In Radiology EDiR Vienna 3/2017

Years of experience : 1996-2022 (26 years) and in GU imaging 17 years

  • Associate member ESR, ESGAR and ESUR 

  • 12 published papers in the field of GU imaging in EJRNM , Indian journal of radiology and Alexandria Journal of medicine

  • Attended more than 50 conferences inside and outside Egypt ( ECR, ESGAR, ESUR  annual meetings , China , Abu Dhabi and Turkey  with many accepted poster  presentations , and spoken talks

  • Training courses inside  Egypt and in Libya and Kuwait  

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Vice President

Prof. Sameh A. Z. Hanna

Sameh Abdel Aziz Zaky Hanna, MD.

  • M.B.B.Ch., 1982, Cairo University

  • M. Sc. Degree of Radiodiagnosis, 1986, Cairo University

  • M.D. Degree of Radiodiagnosis, 1994, Cairo University

  • Emeritus Professor of Radiodiagnosis, Cairo University.

  • Former head of Urogenital Unit - Radiology department, Cairo University.

  • Member of the Board of the Egyptian Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

  • Former Member of the Egyptian Committee of Graduation of Assistant. Professors and Professors of Radiology in the Egyptian Faculties of Medicine.

  • Fellow of  Radiology to: Imaging Research College of  NECKER Hospital, Paris V University – France.

  • Fellow of the American Society of Abdominal Radiology (SUR / SAR).

  • Member of the Egyptian Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

  • Member of the SIGU : Société d’imagerie Génito-Urinaire (France).

  • Member of the European Society of Uroradiology (ESUR).

  • Member of the European Society of Radiology (ESR).

  • Deputy Editor for the Egyptian Journal of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine.

  • Reviewer for: Egyptian Journal of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, ACTA Radiologica, Abdominal Radiology (AR), European Radiology (ER) and British Journal of Radiology (BJR).

  • Awards Received: KATZ prize (Paris , July 1989), CUM LAUDE Winner (Chicago, November, 1990) & (Vienna - March, 2019).

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Assistant Treasurer
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Prof. Rasha Salah El Din

Rasha Salah, M.D.  

Assistant Professor of Radiodiagnosis and Molecular Imaging, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

Head of Body Group, Ain Shams University.

Member in Egyptian Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

Active member of European Society of Radiology.

Got her medical degree from Ain Shams University in 2004, master’s degree in 2008 and doctorate in 2013.

Reviewer in many peer-reviewed journals.

She had many publications in cross-sectional and Molecular imaging.

She is engaged in many research and teaching programs for post-graduate students in Egypt.

She participated as Speaker and Chairperson in many national and international events.

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Board Member
Gehan Seifeldein.jpg

Prof. Gehan Seifeldein

Gehan S. Seifeldein , M.D., currently, professor of diagnostic radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University, Egypt.  I developed my specialized clinical interest in the diagnosis and reporting of gynecological diseases, female urology and pelvic floor dysfunction and defecography. I gained my 20 years of experience through practical  training and clinical work in diagnostic radiology department, Assiut University and one of the founding members of the multidisciplinary team specializing in gynecological oncology at the Women's Health Center, Assiut University. Reviewer for the Journal of Current Medical Research and Practice JCMRP (the official journal of Assiut College of Medicine), reviewer for the Academic Radiology Journal, and reviewer for the Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Member of the Egyptian Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (ESRNM), Member of the European Society of Radiology (ESR), Member of the Egyptian Society of Breast Imaging (EGSBI).

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Board Member
Amal ibrahim.jpg

Prof. Amal Ibrahim

  • Amal Ibrahim Ahmed Othman

  • Graduation : 12-2003

  • Master degree: 2007 (thesis title: role of ultrasonography in wrist and hand lesions)

  • Doctorate degree: 2013 (Thesis title : Role of MDCT in preoperative evaluation of living donor liver transplantation )

  • Years of experience: 2005-2022

  • Current position:

Assistant professor of Radiodiagnosis and molecular imaging, Faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University

  • Working place:

Ain shams university hospitals (Demerdash hospitals ) and Ain Shams specialized hospital

  • Subspeciality:

  • Women imaging including gynecological imaging  including oncology ,obstetric imaging and breast imaging

  • Nuclear medicine imaging including whole body PET/CT imaging mainly in oncology and traditional isotope studies

  • Member: Egyptian society of radiology, Egyptian society of uroradiology

  • Reviewer in the Egyptian journal of Radiology since 2017

  • Member and trainer  at the  Egyptian fellowship of women imaging

  • Publications : About 14  publications in the in Egyptian journal of radiology ,European journal of radiology, Medical journal of Cairo university and medical journal of Ain Shams University (some of them in the field of genital imaging)

  • Conferences : Attended about 30 conferences, with many accepted spoken talks most of them in the field of genitourinary imaging

  •  Participated in workshops and many  training courses within the department

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Secretary General

Prof. Haytham Shebel

Haytham Shebel, M.D., is a professor of radiology at both the Urology and Nephrology Center at Mansura University and the Armed Forces College of Medicine in Egypt. He had MD in 2009 from Egypt. In 2012, he spent a clinical fellowship at NCI/NIH/ USA. He gained special skills in reporting MRI prostate cancer and intervention. Dr. Shebel has a great passion for teaching and applying research projects in genitourinary radiology. He acts as an international researcher collaborator with NCI/NIH/ Molecular imaging program in the USA since 2012. In 2018 he was certified as an international biomedical researcher from Harvard Medical school in the United States. He earned a highly certified Diploma in Urogenital Radiology from the European socie٧ty [EDiUR] in 2019. He had multiple invited review articles and multiple high impact clinical research manuscripts were  published in high ranked Journals.
Additionally, he is one  of  the active radiology trainer and educator in Egypt especially in GU imaging. In 2020 he was certified as a medical trainer from Harvard Medical School, USA and became the official GU imaging co-ordinator in the Egyptian fellowship program.

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Board Member

Prof. Magdy Settein

Magdy Settein, M.D., professor of diagnostic radiology in the radiology department of Mansoura University. He got the MD degree in 1993 and became a professor in 2003. He was assigned as a Vice dean of higher education in 2013 to 2014. He had supervised many radiology thesis and participate in many research articles. He has interest in the Gentio-urinary imaging and supervised many thesis in urinary imaging and renal transplant.

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Board Member

Prof. Rania Farouk

Dr. Rania Farouk El Sayed, M.D, is an Assistant professor in the Radiology Department of Cairo University in Egypt.  She earned her undergraduate degree and her medical degree from Cairo University. After residency training at Cairo University, she joined the Faculty of Medicine there.

Her expertise is in pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD), anorectal malformation, conjoined twins perineal trauma and perianal Fistula  .

She has published multiple journal articles on  MRI in PFD and contributed a chapter on female PFD in the textbook “Imaging in Genitourinary Medicine: A Problem-Oriented Approach, published by John Wiley & Sons UK”. She had Authored  cases on PFD to AMIRSYS on 2009. She is a contributor to the textbook ”Diagnostic Imaging Gynaecology” 2nd Edition  for Amirsys 2014  and was invited  to contribute as well to the 3rd edition for ”Diagnostic Imaging Gynaecology” for Elsevier -Amirsys  2021     . In addition, she is a reviewer for several US and European journals related to radiology, including the American Journal of Roentgenology, Radiology, and the European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology.

She has taught about radiology of the pelvic floor at professional meetings in Scotland, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, and Austria. Most recently, she was a faculty member of the 46th International Diagnostic Course in Davos, Switzerland April 2014. “ESUR Female Imaging Course” in Rome, Italy 2020. “SAR Pelvic Floor hands-on workshops” USA 2019 and 2020 

She has served as chairperson of the Pelvic Floor Group of the European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR) from 2009 through 2014 and was reelected form 2016 to 2018. During chairing the committee she was the lead author of the European Guidelines of the MR Imaging of pelvic floor published on 2017  “Magnetic resonance imaging of pelvic floor dysfunction - joint

recommendations of the ESUR and ESGAR Pelvic Floor Working Group” Eur Radiol (2017) 27:2067–2085

In 2005, she was awarded first prize at the 12th  ESUR for her lecture in Slovenia on the urethral support system, in which she reported having confirmed, anatomically and histologically and with the use of MRI , the identity of a previously unknown urethral ligament;  “Dissection, Histology, and MRI of Female Cadavers and MRI of Healthy Nulliparous Women to Define the Ligaments Supporting the Urethra. AJR 2007; 189: 2007

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